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Business Rates, Plans and Installations

OnALot.com has many business customers, and we understand the needs and demands that businesses have. This experience allows us to make the following offerings. If you don't see what you need, or just want to chat to learn more, call us and we'll be glad to assist!

Businesses use much more bandwidth than residential customers, and often have many more computers connected to our system. Click HERE to see if you qualify as a business or a residence. Our business rates are different and are as shown:

Number of Computers Monthly Rate
1 - 5 $42.00
6 – 40 $42.00 plus $5.00 per computer over 5 computers

Contact us if you have more than 40 computers on your network. We can easily design a high bandwidth system for you!

The above only covers the monthly Internet access charges. There is a charge for installation, equipment and other services that is generally a one-time fee and is explained HERE. We can install most anything, so ask us if you don't see what you need.

Servers and Websites

OnALot.com can accomodate your servers. There will be some re-programming involved so that your server does not attempt to "serve" the entire internet.

Note: any business server can only serve that business. We do not allow public servers on our system - You can't host websites or conduct other activities where other non-OnALot persons use our bandwidth for free.

If you need a website, contact us for information about our website design and hosting services. We can also host a public server for you if needed. Our website design and hosting packages are competitively priced, and we offer multiple ways to set you up, save you money, and get you a great Web Presence!

Firewalls and Security

All of our systems are behind robust firewalls. OnALot.com has separate systems in most of our City locations, and each has it's own firewall which is pretty substantial and does a fine job. In addition, we can provide a firewall in your location to further enhance security.

In addition to our Firewall protection, we use WEP encryption on all our radio links. WEP = Wired Equivalency Protocol, meaning it is considered to be as secure as a direct copper wire link. WEP encryption is a coded algorithm that "twists" all data by a factor of 26 to the 16th power to make it un-decipherable to anyone else. Many government agencies and other high security interests use this same encryption technique - it was developed to be especially secure.

No one has ever hacked one of our systems, and none of our business customers have ever been breached.

Access Denied!

Got a problem employee? We can set him / her up with limited or no access to the Internet, but (s)he can still access your server, printer, etc. to do work.

Some types of websites (porn for example) can also be blocked, either to specific employees or for the entire company. Costs for this vary depending on the amount of blocked sites required.

We can also deny access to the Internet during evening or night hours to prevent your security staff or cleaning staff from doing things they shouldn't.

Cabling and Networking Your Business

Each computer in your business needs to be connected together in order to receive the Internet or access your server. We can do that, and the cost depends on time spent plus materials. Cabling generally costs $1 a foot installed, unless your installation is particularly difficult and requires a great deal of additional time and / or effort.

If you are constructing a new office or building, and the sheetrock is not yet up, call us right away! It'll save you a lot of money if we can wire you up before the sheetrock goes in!

Multiple Buildings

If your business is spread out among several buildings, we can network you up so that it "looks" like all your computers are under one roof. The advantage here is that everyone can use the same server, eliminating annoying backups and trips between buildings to synchronize everything.

Private Business Systems

OnALot.com can also create a private link to the Internet that does not run through our normal system. The advantage to this is that your speed and throughput is not affected by what our other customers are doing, and vice-versa.

We can also link multiple buildings together so that everyone shares the same server and link to the Internet.

This option also allows you to run your own public server(s), host websites and basically do anything you want. You are, in effect, your own ISP!

The costs associated with this vary according to your needs and your location, and we will need to visit with you to get a full understanding of what you want before quoting a price. This option also requires you to sign a contract with us for a minimum of one year. We have to purchase high speed data transport services that require us to sign a contract, and we will need a guarantee from you in the form of a contract with us.


We can construct a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for you if needed. We'll need to visit and discuss the specifics with you. A VPN allows you to access your server and other equipment from a remote location, such as your home or hotel room.

Static, Dynamic and Private IP's

Every computer connected to any network and / or the Internet has a unique address, called an IP address. This is so that all data sent and received knows where to go. A good analogy is your street address; mail comes and goes easily and your customers can find you.

We offer 3 types of IP addressing, as follows:

  • Dynamic = Our system assigns an address to your computer, which is not visible to the outside world. You are behind our robust firewall. Your address will change each time you restart your computer(s)
  • Private Static = At the time of installation, OnALot assigns a non-changing address to your computer or to your system, which is not visible to the outside world. You are behind our robust firewall. This option lends itself well to creating VPN tunnels to other locations.
  • Public Static = You are assigned a public IP address that is visible and open to the outside world, with no firewall protection from OnALot.com. This option is only available with our Private Business Systems option above. This option is used with public servers, certain types of VPN tunnels, and directed traffic between specific locations. Being open to the entire internet, you can be vulnerable to attack from Hackers, but OnALot.com has effective ways to prevent this, and will discuss these options with you.

The Dynamic and Private Static options have no cost associated with them, but the Public Static does. That cost depends on what you need, and will be determined after we visit with you.