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Can I Get Service?

The answer is: Probably.  But please call us to find out.

Reasons Why You Might Not Get Service

Our maps have shaded areas where we believe our signal will reach. However, there are circumstances that will prevent you from getting service, and we're listing some of them here.

  1. The number one reason some people can't get service is trees! If you live in a forest and can barely see your neighbor, you will not get service unless you own a very tall tower that's well above the trees.
  2. If you are looking at the tower through trees, you'll need to trim them, especially the ones closest to your house.
  3. If you can see the tower through trees in the winter, you'll lose service in the spring, summer and fall when the leaves return.
    HERE is a short video that easily demonstrates this effect
  4. If you live on the backside of a hill from the tower, no service
  5. If you live in a gulley, down in a hole or hollow, no service
  6. If you can't see the tower, and are more than 1 mile out from it, probably no service, but we can check. Often you'll see it from your roof while you can't see it from the ground, but it needs to be checked.
  7. Power lines. If you are looking at the tower through a tangle of high voltage power lines, you might not get service. Power lines create a dead zone, and you'll have to get above or below them for it to work. Normal street power lines on wooden poles aren't usually a problem; it's the main feed lines up on metal poles within a few hundred feet of your home that create a dead zone.
  8. If you rent, please check with your landlord about whether it's OK to put a small hole through the wall for us to run our coax cable. It will be your responsibility if your landlord complains after we do the installation.

We Want Happy Customers

We say that because, with over 10 years of experience installing systems, we know that we sometimes have to walk away once we've determined that you can't get our signal. Putting a system in and hoping it will work only results in angry phone calls from you when it doesn't work, which we want to avoid.

We realize that some people can't get up on their roof to check, and we can do that for you, but only after you've read the above and have made a reasonable guess that you can get service.

Please don't waste our time and yours by telling us you "think" you can see our tower. Either you can or you can't, and if you can't and have no reasonable expectation that you can, then don't tell us you "think" you can. And if you aren't sure that the tower you can see is the one we transmit from, call us and we'll tell you if it is or isn't.

We charge a $20 Site Survey Fee = If we come out after you "think" you can see the tower, and there's no way you can, we'll charge you $20 for our time and gas. If you can see it and we get you installed, then there's no charge.

We put this page together so that you can pre-qualify yourself and get a good idea if you can get service. We don't want to waste our time and yours by coming out only to find you live in a forest at the bottom of a hollow on the backside of the hill where the sun never shines. Wishing it will happen, hoping for magic, and no amount of prayers will get signal to you under these circumstances. Thanks for your help by looking first for the tower, and then calling us!

If, after all else fails, you absolutely have to have our High Speed service, you might want to consider THIS.