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Who is OnALot.com?

Deborah Finney & John Day

We're "On A Lot" and you should be too!

We're Debbie and John, the voices on the other end of the phone when you call. We're both Electronics Engineers who previously worked in California's "Silicon Valley" in the San Jose area. Between us, we have over 60 years of experience in electronics, creating computer chips, websites, databases, and a wide variety of commercial products.

When we moved to Weleetka, Oklahoma in 1998, we quickly realized that there was no high speed internet service in the area, and that only slow dialup from the Tulsa area was available. In 2001, frustrated with dialup and the high cost of other services, we decided to create an ISP, or Internet Service Provider company. HDR Internet Services was born, and www.onalot.com was created as the website address.

A few months and lots of red tape later, we "opened for business" on 2/25/02 with a fast digital dialup system in Weleetka. Then in May, 2002, we brought in Okemah on dialup, and then started the first Wireless system in Okemah, which took off like gangbusters. Our company has since closed both dialup operations in favor of providing High Speed Wireless Internet Services - this technology far exceeds anything dialup can provide.

To date , we've opened up nearly 100 systems in more than 30 cities and communities, all offering high speed internet service where there was none before. Some cities now have DSL, but we still offer services that the phone company cannot, and, we come to your home to set it all up.

In October, 2008, we decided to incorporate our company, and we're now known as HDR Internet Services, Inc. We still operate the same way, provide great service and will work with you to get you the highest speed we can at the best prices around!

We are Oklahoma Proud!

Living in Oklahoma has provided us with opportunities that would be difficult to find in other states. Our minimal level of government is supportive of anyone's efforts to create a business, and our fellow Oklahomans are easy to work with. Plus we've seen others who continue to inspire us to achieve more. We encourage you to "go for it" and explore your dreams - success here in Oklahoma is but a bit of hard work away!

HDR's Committment To The Community

We are committed to bringing services to our rural neighbors who have not had access to advanced technologies before. Several of our systems are in areas that have been totally neglected by all the other services, and we are proud to have enabled those communities to experience all that the internet offers.

OnALot.com brings high speed service to our customers at prices you can afford. We take a large portion of our monthly profit and put that back into our systems, adding more territory, faster speeds and better equipment. We are committed to making your internet experience enjoyable as well as educational. Think about this: would you put between 40 - 50% of your job's paycheck back into the company you work for? We do, and this has allowed OnALot.com to grow and offer superior services!

We hope to hear from you soon, you'll really enjoy the high speed! Please email us or call us for any additional information you might need.