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What Happens If I Have To Move?

We probably move about 20 customers a year. Jobs change, housing changes, people buy instead of continuing to rent, etc. So, what happens if you move?

  1. As long as you can see one of our towers from your new home, you can continue to get our service. Click HERE to see our coverage areas, or,
    Call Us
    if you are unsure. We can do a site survey at your new place before you move there if necessary.
  2. What will it cost to move? We charge for all parts needed. This can be as simple as a $5 connector, or as complex as a required tripod and mast, additional coax or other parts. Since you are already a customer, we only charge you what it costs us for the needed parts, plus a $20 service fee.
  3. If you are on a contract, and cannot get service at your new home, the early termination fees will apply. Click HERE to see those fees.
  4. Please understand that we cannot buy back your equipment if you cannot get service at your new location.

Obviously, we want to continue having you as a customer, and we will work with you during your move to keep your business. Let us know how we can help!