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Working At Home Using the OnALot.com Wireless System

We hear this question a lot: "Can I work at home on your system?" Yes, you sure can!

We have many customers who work from home and telecommute to their offices. Some work completely from home, others as little as 1 day a week. The key to their success is the fact that our system supports VPN tunnels, which allows you to log into your office's systems and work as though you are sitting behind your office desk. You and your company save on all sorts of expenses, less commuting hours, and generally better productivity.


Most customers set themselves up as a VPN client to their office server. To do this, you will need to contact your IT person to obtain the necessary software for your computer and server.

All of our systems are firewalled, and a properly set up VPN tunnel will not have problems with this. We do not supply public IP addresses on our systems unless you opt for one of our dedicated lines.

You can normally do all you need to do on our "general population" systems, and if you need more speed, you can opt for one of our WOW systems

Your monthly rate for service will be $42 / month, billed as a business account, when you are on our General Population systems.

Call us for any additional information you may need!