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Installation Costs and Monthly Fees


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We transmit the Internet from a nearby tower, and you need some equipment at your home to "talk" to that tower.

All equipment fees shown are One-Time-Only fees.

Note: This page's information does not apply to our Eufaula Marina and other Hotspot customers.


Monthly Service Fee
Installation Cost


We mail you an invoice, you send your payment back to us.  Or we can charge your Credit / Debit card automatically.

Pay month to month with cash, check, MO, Paypal or E-check


$149.00 - No Router

$199.00 - With a Router



Pay for 1 year up front.  Any form of payment.

Please see the note below.


$149.00 - No Router

$199.00 - With a Router


FiberFast System = $50

Any form of payment, no yearly plan

Only available in Okmulgee, Henryetta, Okemah & Bryant!


$149.00 - No Router

$199.00 - With a Router


We accept Cash, Check, e-Check, Money Orders, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and Discover Card for the Installation and Monthly Service Fee.

Any Installation fees are due at the time of installation.



Plan 2 - Pay For One Year Upfront


We offer one full year of service for $450.00.  This is a substantial discount from our Month - To - Month fees (plan 1).  As such, there is no refund or pro-rating should you decide to terminate service before the year is out. Regardless of when you quit, there is no refund.  If you paid for one year up front, and that year has run it's course, we will send you an invoice and you can decide to re-up for another year, or switch to a month-to-month plan.


Yes - The Service Is Unlimited!

Absolutely NO usage limits!

Our service is unlimited, we have NO data caps, we don't slow you down or cut you off. Get online and use it as much as you want!

No Satellite, Cell Phone, or residential cable, DSL or Uverse service can compete with this!


Wireless Routers


A Wireless Router is a small box that sits on a shelf, behind a TV or in a convenient spot. It allows you to hook up multiple devices either wirelessly or by using a CAT5 cable. A Wireless Router creates a WIFI Hotspot in your home that allows you to connect laptops, desktops, tablets, games, WIFI enabled cell phones, smart TV's, wireless printers - anything that is WIFI enabled!

We charge $50.00 for a wireless router, payable at the time of installation. There is no additional monthly charge for multiple devices.

If you have your own router (and it works) we will be happy to set it up for you - no charge!

Please click HERE to see some information on routers if you have a LOT of devices to connect to the Internet.


What is a Basic Installation?


We place a standard antenna, radio and simple mount on your roof, under an eave or sidewall of your house. We then run a single Cat5E cable down and into your house. We connect that to either a single desktop computer, or to your own Wireless Router.

This Basic Install costs $149.00


Other Types of Installations or Options


Sometimes due to trees or other obstacles, we need to put a tripod and mast on your roof to get the antenna higher up. This costs $85

If a larger antenna is needed because you are far away from our transmitter, these cost from $55 - $120, and will be determined by the installer

Got something special in mind? Call us and let's see if we can make it happen for you.

Payment for these is due at the time of installation.


Site Surveys


We charge $20 to come out to your house to verify if you can get service. If you can, that $20 is credited to your install fee

Having done this for over 13 years, we are fairly familiar with all our service areas and can generally tell you over the phone if we can get you service or not. But there are always instances where we have to check first. Just give us a call and we'll figure it out.




Equipment: We guarantee that the equipment we install will work as intended for 30 days, during which we will repair or replace anything that becomes inoperative. After 30 days, we will bill you for the actual cost of the parts needed to repair your system.

Service: You have the first 30 days to try out our service. If you don't like it for any reason, we will remove it all and refund any monies paid in full, no questions asked!

Please click HERE for full details on our Guarantee policy


Monthly Charges, Late Fees and Re-connect Fees


  1. Monthly Service Fee. The monthly charge for service is shown in the chart above, and is due in our office by the first business day of the month. Some people need a different due date, and we can set it to be any day from the 1st to the 5th of the month. If you need a due date from the 6th to the end of the month, there is an additional $5 per month fee added, and your first bill will be pro-rated to the start date.
    You cannot change the due date to avoid a late or reconnect fee.
  2. Current Contract Customers.  Anyone currently on a contract will continue at the contract rate until the 1 year period expires, then the monthly service fee will change to the amounts shown above.  As of 10/1/2015, HDR is no longer issuing contracts for service.
  3. Late Fees. If your payment is not received by the first business day of the month, there is a $5.00 late fee due.
  4. Card Failure. If your credit or debit card fails, there is a $5.00 fee that will be added to cover our costs
  5. No Payment Received. If we do not receive your payment by the 5th of the month, your service will be disconnected, and there is a $15 reconnect fee due plus the service fee
  6. Contact Information. It is your responsibility to let us know of any new phone numbers, mailing address changes, or email address changes.
  7. Credit / Debit Card Changes. Things change, and you need to let us know your new information to avoid late or failed card fees. Same goes for card expiration dates.
  8. Bounced Check Fee. We charge $25 for a bounced check. We will seek other measures if you do not make it good.


Please pay your bill on time to avoid additional and un-necessary fees! Thank you, it helps us to provide great service to you!


What Happens If I Quit OnALot.com's Service?


Contracts - As of October 1, 2015, HDR will not issue new contract accounts. However, if you are on a contract and quit before the 1 year period is over, we will repossess the equipment and back-bill you for the months used at the $42 / month rate less what you have already paid.



Invoiced/Annual - You own the equipment and there is nothing further to do.

Remaining Leased - If you are leasing the equipment, we will come pick it up. If it is missing or damaged, we will charge you either for the full basic install or for any parts that are damaged.


We appreciate it if you call us and let us know your intentions - thanks! 918 652 4586