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Our goal is to get you online in the most affordable way! We've been doing High Speed Broadband Wireless Installations for over 10 years, and we can now offer the lowest price for the highest speed service ever!

OnALot.com has 2 types of systems: Line-of-Sight, and Non-Line-of-Sight Both of these involve an antenna on your roof plus a radio box.


The prices shown below are one-time costs just for the equipment we install.
Our monthly fees for service can be found by clicking HERE


You Have This
Type of Install


(See below for an explanation)


(See below for an explanation)

A single Desktop computer. No laptops, phones or games.







One or more wireless laptops / games / phones with or without desktop computer(s)
and you already have a wireless router







One or more wireless laptops / games / phones with or without desktop computer(s)
and we supply a wireless router







An Apple Mac computer.

Prices also apply if you have your own router.






An Apple Mac computer plus laptop(s), games, phones and other PC's
and we supply a wireless router






We can also link your barn or office to your home, build relays for your parent's or child's home, or give you coverage over your property so you can run around in your truck out in the pasture while checking your cattle, or just relax in a chair down at the pond!

If you don't see the type of installation you need, just call us and we'll be happy to discuss it. We've been able to build some pretty cool systems, so don't think you can't get the type of service you need if you don't see it above!


What Does Line-Of-Sight and Non-Line-of-Sight Mean?

Line-Of-Sight: If you can physically see our tower from your roof (and not looking through trees - it has to be a clear shot), you have a line-of-sight to the tower. Lower cost equipment can then be used.

Non-Line-Of-Sight: If you cannot see our tower from your roof, you need a non-line-of-sight installation. The view to the tower can be blocked by trees, small hills, other buildings and so on.The only way to get signal to you requires more expensive equipment, and we'll determine which you need when we come to your home. For a more detailed explanation of what Non-Line-Of-Sight means and what areas we currently offer this service in, click HERE

Not Sure? If you want just a site survey to determine this, we charge $20 for our time and gas to come out and do this. We'll either not charge you for this if we do the installation right then, or, we'll credit you the $20 when we do the installation later.

You May Also Need These

We can usually mount our antenna and radio under eaves or on existing TV masts and such. Sometimes though, there is no way to place the equipment and we have to add an antenna mount. These cost a bit extra, as follows:


3' Tripod + 10' Mast
Gets the antenna up over trees
$85 paid at the time of installation
Other masts or mounts
Available, and will be discussed with you by the installer
Prices vary
Larger Antennas
Some people live a good distance away from our transmitter and need a larger antenna as a result. Larger antennas pull in more signal and get you faster speeds!

$25 - $85

Decided at the time of installation

Whole House Wireless Router Instead of our standard router, you can buy our most powerful, full featured router! Runs 1000 milliwatts to reach all the rooms of your house with ease! $95


Sometimes other "custom" things are needed, like multiple port switches, or very long runs of cable. These cost extra and we'll discuss it with you prior to the installation.


And, We Have NO Data Caps or Confusing (and Expensive!) Speed Ranges!

OnALot.com does not have data caps. We are a fully unlimited service, use it just as much as you want. Play games, watch movies, email and surf as much as you like. The only thing we don't allow are illegal activities, such as music and video sharing (P2P & Bit Torrent) because they are stealing and you can also lose your home from a lawsuit! If you're unsure of any of this, just call us, we'll be glad to explain it all.

Most of our systems currently run at 5.2 megabits, with some now running at 18 megabits at no additional charge! We don't offer multiple speed ranges with varying and increasing prices, we just bring fast speeds at low prices to our customers! Why pay up to $100 for speeds that are slower than ours?

Keep it simple and make it FAST!

We Guarantee Our Equipment - It's the Best!

All of the equipment we use is the latest state-of-the-art, capable of 54 megabit speeds or more! Our antennas are robust and of quality construction. If you have any worries, just click HERE to see our equipment guarantees!

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