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NO Phone Line Needed with our Wireless System!
The Internet is delivered to you by wireless radio waves!


OnALot.com's Wireless Internet service is a great way for you to get high speed service at an affordable price. If you live out in the country, or in areas where DSL isn't available, dialup is too slow, and satellite or other wireless companies just cost too much, then we have the ideal solution for you!

Also, if you don't have or don't want a regular landline telephone from the phone company, this is ideal for you! You can have our Wireless Internet plus a cell phone, and you're all set!

There is a load of information on our services here. We decided to split it up into easier to read links that are also faster to load if you have dialup or slow DSL right now.

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E-mail us for full details, or call 918.652.4586 and we'll tell you all about it!